Is August the end? No, just the beginning!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Who said that the end of August is also the end of traveling and adventures around the world? It is definitely not so for our student-athletes, those fortunate young, smart and determined athletes who start a new life far away from home. Even though she's been there since January, for Ester Talamazzi (Virginia Tech women's volleyball) her first season just got started. Always for women's volleyball also step on the court for the first time Silvia Grassini (Towson University, Maryland), Elena Ciulli (Hillsborough Community College, Florida), Anna Dalla Vecchia (Xavier University of Louisiana), Chiara Bosetti (Polk State Community College, Florida) and Nicole Pivetti (Pace University, New York) while on the men's side, Francisco Salinger flew from Argentina all the way to Limestone College in South Carolina and Luciano Bucci from Vasto, Italy to Missouri Valley College. Last but not least, Klizia Costa landed in Belleville, Illinois and started practicing with the women's soccer team of Lindenwood University-Belleville while Alessandro Sarris joined the American football team of Monterey Peninsula College in California.

To all of them, best of luck in their first experience as collegiate student-athletes. We wish you the very best and may you succeed in the classroom and in the court.