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Plan your dream in advance

It looks like everything is on hold, but the truth is that this is the right time to plan and try to make your dream come true.

If you are thinking of undertaking the path to become a student-athlete in the States, you need to know that college coaches are already recruiting new athletes for 2021 and 2022. Why wait?

Klizia Costa's experience between soccer and study

“After this experience in the United States I would like to try to find a job in the economic field or something related to my studies. I would love to become an executive or a head of a large international company where I could combine the two things I love: speaking different languages to interact with people from different cultures and places, and at the same time applying the business and economics concepts studied untill now."

Learn English with Alejandra Rodriguez. A new opportunity for Italian coaches

In this particular time, some of the activities that we have more time to do include studying, updating and improving our selves.

The English and Spanish teacher Alejandra Rodriguez offers a format with online language coaching sessions for all levels. Learning a new language is essential today in the workplace as in sport or in the everyday life, especiallly two universal languages ​​such as English and Spanish.

ACV Tryouts Torino 2020. The Report of the Event

American College Volleyball Tryouts Turin 2020. The evaluation of the January 4 event in the words of our Elitza:

"The result of our first experience in Piedmont was tremendous. The day took place with two training sessions in which we had the opportunity to carefully evaluate the athletes from a technical and athletic point of view. Evaluating the girls' performance on the field is a critical aspect of the process.

Francesca Rossi's direct testimony

A testimony, a letter, rather than a real interview. A beautiful message launched and told by Francesca Rossi, Student-Athlete at Laramie County Community College:

"I was asked a question: "What does this experience mean to you?" A difficult question right now because this experience means endless things to me, but I will try to do my best to explain them.