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Ready, set and go! Cultural shock, adaptation and optimal integration

The Italian and American cultures are very different from each other and, sometimes, they can even be conflicting. The frenetic pace of the States goes perfectly with “All day away from home, for lunch a sandwich on the fly…” (cit.). I rarely remember sharing meals that coincided with the idea of ​​conviviality, Americans occasionally cook and sit at the table.

SAT: strategies and advice

Let's continue with some suggestions regarding the much feared SAT. The fundamental thing to always keep in mind when preparing and trying to take these tests is one: they do not measure a student's intelligence nor do they predict his/her future successes (or failures).

FIU: between research and sport

Founded in 1965, Florida International University is the largest University in South Florida, the second in the state and the fourth in the entire United States for the number of students. An academic reference point for the territory, it welcomes over 41,000 students from all over the United States and the world.