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Go Mason, Go Patriots!

George Mason University is a college that we feel very "close". It is the university where our Jesica Umansky, founder of Sportlinx360, made her journey as a student-athlete, from 2001 to 2006, collecting many successes on and off the pitch. It was the moment in which she became aware firsthand of how much this experience can affect her sporting, human and professional growth.

The new life of Alessandro Gianotti

Here comes another interview. A wonderful chat and above all a splendid testimony on what it means to live life as a student-athlete.

The floor to Alessandro Gianotti, middle blocker 201 cm, gold medal at the U19 World Championships in 2019 and silver at the U20 European Championship the following year, who since summer 2021 has chosen to continue his sports and academic career overseas.

Challenges, emotions and responsibilities. Chiara Cucco's point of view: field, study and life in the States.

The desire to leave and the impact with the United States. The initial fears and adaptation to a new culture, a new way of life, a new country. Satisfaction on and off the field, study, daily commitments and differences with Italy.

We interviewed Chiara Cucco, student-athlete of Hofstra University, who told her story at 360°.