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JUCO: An alternative path?

Everyone knows the stories of the undrafted-turned-pro or breakout redshirt senior year but no-one ever talks about the millions of students that take a lesser known route: junior college to traditional four-year university. The opportunity to learn crucial skills both on and off the playing field, in addition to earning a scholarship and making progress towards your degree is invaluable.

Volleyball and beach volley in constant growth in USA colleges

The constant growth and popularity of  volleyball and beach volleyball in USA colleges is impressive. Women's volleyball is already one of the most practiced sports in colleges: in the 2018-19 academic year, a total of 1,073 NCAA colleges are sponsoring volleyball teams: 334 of those teams are competing in Division 1, 303 in Division II and 436 in Division 3; NAIA institutions currently sponsor 226 women's volleyball programs along with 456 two-year colleges in the United States.

Matteo Polimeno's Sporting Dream

Matteo Polimeno, born in 1992, is a student-athlete, that in 2014, decided to further his sporting and academic career in the United States. He left the Italian university of which he was attending to pursue his dream of playing basketball. Matteo is still in the United States, pursuing a Master's degree at San Diego State University. The following article describes his experience as a Sportlinx360 athlete. 

College sports and cinema, the movies you cannot miss

Sports have always inspired Hollywood and the world of film making. There are hundreds of movies about sports and athletes and, believe or not, also about student-athletes and college sports. Many of these movies are also based on true events. We thought this could be a fun way of learing more about the American college system and what it means to become a student-athlete in the USA.


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