Softball Scholarships:

One of the largest sports in the country for women and sponsored at nearly every university across all levels of the collegiate game, softball provides opportunities to earn an education at a top-ranked American university and allows you to pursue all of your athletic dreams. With more than 30,000 women playing in over 1,600 schools, the sport of softball is well-established and here to stay. With the average scholarship ranging between $300 - $20,000, if you have the skills and desire to play at the next level, there's simply no where else you should play.

Image result for ncaa softballSoftball Season and More Info:

With the competitive season being held in the spring and the College World Series and other governing body championships being held in June, the softball season is quite intense. The best schools have more than 15 women on the roster, meaning that the level of competition is quite high. The most successful high school softball athletes usually come from the south and midwest region of the United States. The most successful NCAA D-I university is UCLA, with 11 College World Series titles.



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