Madrassi in "Il Messaggero Veneto"

Jueves, Enero 19, 2017


High up without fear. There is Matteo Madrassi, the pole vaulting tightrope walker

Discovering the new talent of Libertas Udine Malignani.  Track and field after trying parkouring, skateboarding, bmx and mountain biking.

He is not afraid to fly. He just wants to go higher with his full charge of adrenaline that only finishes when he is down at the mat. Matteo Madrassi, a 17 years-old pole vaulter from Cavalicco, has started 2017 with a personal best (4.55 metri) and he doesn’t have any intentions of stopping now. The Junior from club Libertas Udine Malignani aims to add a few more centimeters towards the sky by the end of the year. His role models are Lavillenie and Bubka, the best ones in his discipline.

“I hope to reach 5 meters” he remarks smiling. In January 2017 he jumped 40 cm more than the year before so the challenge doesn’t seem out of reach. He loves acrobatic sports (for the joy of his mother Luisa, his father Roberto and his sister Giulia) such as skateboarding, parkour, bmx and mountain biking, Matteo started pole vaulting in 2015 thanks to his physical education teacher Gianpaolo Cargnelli. “He had noticed my daring attitude, so he asked me to try.”- reports Matteo.  “In only a few months I saw the first good results and I decided that it was my sport.” Matteo, indeed, couldn’t find his sport although he attended a middle school with strong sports for three years. “I don’t like team sports –he continues– I prefer playing the starring role, taking credit when I win and the blame when I lose.”

That’s why he chose pole vaulting. He works out 5 days a week for 2 hours a day under the direction of his coach Francesco Gasparin. “My weak point? The run-up, I have to work hard on my feet responsiveness.” adds the guy attending the fourth year at the school Malignani.

He is aware of his ability and he doesn’t seem to be afraid of making mistakes. “My advantage over the opponents is the fact that I am fearless”.  During his personal best competition he tried to aim even higher but he remembers “they’ve raised the bar to 4.70m a very challenging height, I made a great jump but when I fell down on the mat I realized the bar fell down with me. I need to be more confident. Matteo is very determined. Nationals will take place in Ancona in February and his goal is to make a good impression.

 “I would like to go to study in the U.S. but the admissions is based not only on sports results but also on school results: a good grade point average is very important, even if studying is not my passion” ends Matteo. For the American colleges probably 4.80m will be enough but Matteo asserts again: “I want 5.00m.”