My American Dream

Feb 7 2018
Elena Ciulli

Thank you for everything you have done for me and for what you will do for other girls. If it wasn't for you, I would always been waiting for make a change in my life, but now I'm here living my american dream... thanks to you! I owe you so much.

...and the dream will come true...

Oct 15 2016
Fabio and Cristina

Jesica and Elitza meant everything for us and for Carlotta. Together, they form a team that's always available and with patience they listen and respond to every single doubt. A team very aware to each single step that needs to be completed towards the final objective and to make sure that everything goes "the way it is supposed to". Moreover, they are a team that becomes the friend who, during those very melancholic days close to the departure date, holds your hand and reassures you in that this is a once in a lifetime experience.

Una mamma orgogliosa

Apr 9 2016
Laura & Marco (WVB)

Sono la mamma di una delle prime ragazze che sono partite per gli States con l'aiuto di Sportlinx360.

We felt supported

Oct 19 2015
Stefano & Stefanie (WT&F)

We felt supported in a very professional way having also a lot of active participation. When our daughter Nicole started to think about the idea of studying in the USA and joining both of her passions, film studies and track and field, we tried to find information on our own but the task turned out to be impossible. Jesica and Elitza not only guided us in a very precise and secure way throughout the american burocracy but they've also explained the advantages and disadvantages of the different options, allowing us to arrive to the optimal solution.

The best choice for our daughters

Aug 19 2015
Laura & Marco (WVB)

We've trusted the future of our two daughters Alice and Giulia to Sportinx360, we couldn't have made a better decision for their future. Thank you!

Like in the movies

Aug 11 2015
Margherita (WVB)

"Thanks to Sportlinx360 I was able to get into a world I've only seen on films before now. Truly, thank you."

Finally... USA

Mar 1 2015
Federico (MVB)

"Without Sportlinx360 I will not be here in the United States... they made my dream come true."

Greatest choice

May 19 2014
WVB - Alice

Thanks to Sportlinx360 my dream to study and play volleyball in the United States became true. I couldn't be happier of the choice I made!

Dreams come true

May 6 2014
WVB - Francesca

"Sportlinx360 made my dreams come true and making them seem easy to achieve."

I couldn't ask for moe!

May 2 2014
WVB - Ailin

Thanks to Sportlinx360 my life has completely changed. The full athletic scholarship I've received, allows me to study in an american college while playing the sport I love!

Beautiful, but not easy

Apr 23 2014
Nadia Casciotti (mom)

My daughter is already at her Junior year in the USA. Our experience can be considered positivi in every sense: from Francesca's personal growth to her academics in the different schools she has attended and that have been evaluated and chosen with care and professionalism by Jesica and her staff. This is why I thank them and recommend anyone willing to take this beautiful but not easy path, to get in touch with Sportlinx360.

A magnificent experience

Apr 18 2014
Franco Aloisio (dad)

Thank you to Sportlinx360 my daughter Sara is living a magnificent experience in the United States. She has been able to combine the things she loves the most: playing volleyball and studying, and she was able to do it in the beuautiful campuses of the American schools and with a full athletic scholarship. As a parent, I found in Sportlinx360 a valid and constant support that helped me mitigate the initial fears such as separating from my kid and subsequently they have given my effective advice for what will come to my daughter after graduation.

Thank you Jesica

Apr 14 2014
Claudio Tinari (dad)

"Thanks to Jesica and her professionalism we were able to identify the best Sport & Academic path for Camilla. We are very happy and satisfied."

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish."

Oct 2 2013
WVB - Carlotta

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish." I think this sentence captures the great opportunity Sportlinx360 has given me.

Best experience ever!

Feb 6 2012
WVB - Susanna

Best experience ever! I found myself very comfortable with the service, Sportlinx360 is the anchor of my neverending traveling :-)

Part of the world

Apr 11 2014
Silvia Marini (mom)

"The opportunity of studying in America provided by Sportlinx360 allows our daughter Carlotta to become a citizen of the world."