A Proud Mother

April 9, 2016
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Laura & Marco (WVB)

I'm the mother of one of the first student-athletes who left for the States with the help of Sportlinx360. 
My daughter Alice Genna graduated from North Carolina Central University, double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice.
Left in August 2011 everything that is seen in american movies is materialized in front of her: a locker full of sports accessories, campus life, spring breaks. 
All easy? No, obviously. A Student-Athlete's life in U.S.A. Colleges is difficult: wake up early for trainings, hard coaches, continuous competition for a place in starting team during match, studies for an high GPA (average of grades) to keep the scholarship. 
Would she redo everything? I think so, it was an incredible school of life, that continues now with a master's degree in New York, in one of the most prestigious universities in the world for her specialization in Forensic Psychology.
Let go my daughter, literally put her on a plane and beg her to call me at every stop and when she was taken in "custody by coach", was not easy.
But the joy of attending his degree in pure american style (among tears, i admit), made me forget in a second the weight i suffered for distance. 
I would redo it again immediatly, in fact i've already do it again: my little girl Giulia Sam Genna lefts last summer, destination LIU Post in New York. 
This time i'll not wait for his degree to cross the ocean: In September i'll go to see for a few days the NCAA Volleyball Championship, that i could see only in streaming during nights until now.
Moment of crisis have been there for Alice and there will be for Giulia, but us parents have the task to help our children to overcome them and never retreat, because a true athlete never gives up and the goal is always present in all that does.
Finally, thanks Jesica Umansky, thanks Elitza.
A Proud Mother.