Summer camps

We work to provide Prospective Student Athletes with the possibility of having great summer experiences that will help them develop the academic and athletic skills needed to become student-athletes in a US college.

Our programs are personally developed to satisfy each student (or group of students) in achieving the goals they have personally set for their summer vacation. We specifically promote programs that will include academic and sports sessions and are mainly targeted to teenagers ages 15-18.

Within the United States, we will focus on finding the best setting that will allow each student to:

  • improve his or her English skills; if their level allows it, we may suggest to take specific TOEFL or SAT prep courses;
  • attend summer camps on their sport and be seeing by college coaches;
  • visit several university campuses near the area;
  • live with local families or within a college campus, depending on the program selected and the availability of courses and sports camps for the specific dates;
  • have fun and get the best out of meeting new people and a new culture.