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Il giro d'Italia continua!

Dopo aver toccato il nord est d'Italia con due presentazioni nella magnifica città di Trieste Sportlinx360 rimane al nord e tra pochi giorni sarà a Milano per un altro evento.

Two for Trieste!

After the great presentation "at home" in Rome back in April, Sportlinx360 is determined to finish strong this academic year and continues presenting their project to those (students and their families) who are interested to know how to become a student-athlete in the USA and win an athletic scholarship.

Sportlinx360 presentation in Rome

On April 20th in the I2M Factory's meeting room was held the first official presentation of Sportlinx360's activity.

Alice Genna: a 4.0 volleyball player

A recent degree in Psycology and her suitcase ready for yet another adventure. Alice Genna was one of the first student-athletes to use the services of Sportlinx360 to play sports and study in the USA with an athletic scholarship. Gratitude, however, runs both ways since for the agency Alice is an example of the ideal student-athlete!

Watch out!

Two to Florida A&M

Ailin Donati and Gaia Bellesi have many things in common: they both live in Italy, love to play volleyball, love to study and in a few weeks they will have one more! They both won a full athletic scholarship and will become part or the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University volleyball team located in Tallahassee, Florida. 

Sara Aloisio: business under the net

A huge smile and all doors open to the business world. Sara Aloisio is just that, and if she's always had a big smile, everything else she's earned it with her teeth. It is true the saying that goes: "All you want is just around the corner of fear". Sara has experimented it on her skin after saying a 'no' which in no time it became a 'yes'.

Another life

10 student-athletes to depart towards USA

August will be a month full of departures... but no one is going on vacation this time! Sportlinx360 has helped 10 student-athletes find their colleges in the USA and the place they will call "home" for the next 2 or 4 years.

Paola Ferrario arrives to Walsh University

New year, new life! For Paola Ferrario this year is more real than ever since she just arrived to Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio.

4 new student-athletes arrived to the USA

During the month of August 2014, four italian athletes made true their dream of becoming student-athletes in American colleges: Flavia Virigili (picture below), from Rome, arrived to the women's volleyball team of McCook Community College and is already stepping into the court.